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Are you ready to make some magic happen?

Rahanni Celestial Healing

What is Rahanni?

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a new healing modality channelled by Carol Stacey for the “Age of Aquarius”. It vibrates on the pink ray of light that corresponds with the heart centre, releasing all fear based thinking and negativity, opening us up to truth, love and compassion. Helping us to understand and recognise our true essence which is pure unconditional love. Rahanni has been used for thousands of years but this is the first time it has been brought forward to this planet. This beautiful healing light is helping to raise the consciousness of humanity and the release of karmic debt allowing everyone to move forward and have the quality of life they deserve.

Rahanni is not based any religion, it is our natural essence, bringing balance to our body and mind.

What happens in Rahanni Celestial  Healing Treatment?

During a Rahanni Celestial Healing session, clients are invited to relax on a plinth in a warm, safe and sacred space. Similar to a Reiki session, during a Rahanni Celestial Healing session hands can be placed gently on various areas of the body whilst the practitioner channels Rahanni Celestial Healing energy which works to balance and heal the mind, body and soul.

Benefits of Rahanni Celestial Healing


  • Calms the mind

  • Relieves stress and tension in the body

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Restores balance to Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Releases fear based thoughts

  • Brings healing to the heart

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