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A Day for Yourself -Peace, Love & Connection

A few years back, when I was starting my journey, I was craving time for me in a safe place. A place that I could be me and ne accepted for who I was and who I am becoming. Well, I was lucky to find a beautiful retreat day in Orlagh House, Dublin and even the name appealed to me, ‘A Day to Yourself’

Well fast forward 10 years, I have created a beautiful sanctuary here beside my home called Aileen’s Place where I am hosting A Day for Yourself ……my way!

As I said I craved peace, love and connection and I became a seeker of these. I want to create a space where you can feel peace, love and connection in a gentle way by connecting to spirit using oracle cards, a gentle healing meditation that works wonders if I say so myself and finally a surprise to keep the connection.

I attended many retreat days and everyone of them was very different and unique. In my world at the time was full of turmoil, unease and loveless. I turned up nervous and vulnerable, shy and withdrawn but I still showed up because somewhere inside me knew this day would be good for me.

I learned to be quiet and sit in silence, I was shown how to walk mindfully and soon I really started to see nature in all her glory. My head began to slow down, the monkey that lived in my thoughts went on holidays and the love I felt from the other participants blew me away. Imagine receiving a hug with no strings, well in my life at the time that was huge.

My intention is to bring peace, love and connection to my days for yourself and create the safe space for you to be yourself in all your glory.

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