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Thought Vibrations

It's amazing how we know our thoughts create our reality and nearly all the self-help books out there give a very similar message.

Most of the time we probably all get it and put into practice what we learn but what happens on the days that worry creeps in?

Do we practice what we know works or do we get caught up in the stresses of life's curves balls.

I have a:

  • Rituals for this or that.

  • Oracle cards for guidance.

  • Crystals for abundance, self-love and grounding (too many to mention 😉).

  • Affirmations that bring in more positive self-talk

  • Chats to my Angels and Spirit 🙏

  • Meditations for peace

  • Journal for my thoughts

  • Candles for a little magic

I could go on and on...... But when things are out of my control like my car, I seem to forget about all my tools I have in my Toolbox and panic creeps in. 😢

Today I picked this card and it says 'Thought Vibrations' reckon spirit is doing its best to remind me to bring an awareness around my thoughts.

What do you do when life gives curve balls?


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