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Where the poem The Day Ward came from.

The design i made to go along with my poem The Day Ward.

Where the poem The Day Ward came from:

Back in February my mum was told her cancer had returned in her liver. All the tears come bubbling to the surface. Tears are shed, and hugs are given.

You know the journey over and back for CT scans, MRIs and PET scans all telling the same story "it's back." My mum cones to terms with the news and does her best to accept the road she must travel.

We crack some jokes have some fun just to lighten the mood and bring humour to the day. The lovely Professor is direct and caring and informs her of the treatment, Immunotherapy. You know the journey over and back for CT scans, MRIs and PET scans all telling the same story "it's back."

We are brought to St. Anne's Day Ward this will be where my mum will receive her treatment every three weeks. The staff are so lovely and caring. The feeling I got when I walked through the doors where that of hope.

Last week my mum wasn't too well, and we had to go back to the day ward, so she could get checked out. I sat and watched everyone patients, their loved ones and the staff and I was so inspired by all I saw that the words to a poem came to me.

I have faith in hope, and I know everything will work out for my mum. She is a walking miracle and has strength deep within her. She is on another journey, and it's a journey of one day at a time.

This is the background to where the inspiration of my poem The Day Ward came from and I feel it's so important we all keep the flame of hope alive inside us. For we all need miracles.


The Day Ward

Greeted with a smile

Good morning

Check in

Walk the walk.

Half down.

Sit down.

Need to check the bloods

Have a chat.

Wait to be called.

Another walk,

To a fancy chair.

Press a button.

Get comfortable.

For you have a long day ahead.

The nurses are assigned,

Your own personal nurse.

She’s full of compassion.

Share a smile.

A word of reassurance

A touch

All to make your visit worth while.

The doctor arrives.

He gives you an update.

Keep going,

It will be worth it.

A day ward full of hope.

Hope the medicine will work.

Hope the cancer will go.

Hope for another day.

Hope for wellness.

Hope for life.

Do you see it yet?

You get a drip full of drugs.

That may work or may not.

What you get every visit,

Is a comforting word,

A touch on your hand,

A big smile,

And finally a loving treatment.

So keep the faith.

And on dark days,

Remember the light.

That shines all around you.

The Day Ward

Written by Noeleen Watson 2018 © while waiting with my mum Aileen in St. Anne's Ward, St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin August 2018

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