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Little Box of Love came to me in a dream and the following morning I got up and designed the box. I am a Graphic Designer, so my skills and my intuition inspired the initial design of my little Box of Love. I made a prototype of my box and printed it, knowing I could then make little adjustments and improvements.


Once I was completely happy, I got it professionally printed and started to cut and glue them. The boxes come in Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, yellow, orange and a Rainbow colour.


Over the last few years, my life took a complete transformation. With a lot of self discovery and inner work I would have heard many different people say, “you now have a toolbox that you can dip into and take something out to help you with whatever life gives you.” So my Little Box of Love is like the real toolbox and there are 7 items, one for each day of the week.


I love making them and I know they are full of love and the beautiful energy I place into every one of them.

Little Box of Love

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