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Letting Go - When is a House a Home

Have been thinking a lot about this lately and asking myself so many questions and allowing the thoughts to swim around in my head. I would love to write a poem about my house but the words are not there for one instead I am listening to my mind or as I like to think the voice within my thoughts giving me guidance and inspiration. There is always a story or a chapter. Well here goes the chapter on the house. 

I have lived in a beautiful semi detached in South County Dublin a well sought after location. Picture the scene I am walking distance to the sea and to one of my favourite places Killiney hill. I spent many hours sitting there writing, pleading to God to help me and then I allowed the beauty of the hill to swallow me up. 

It's a quiet estate other than the children playing their innocent games or playing Nick knacks and sometimes they knock looking for money for a sponsored walk or the may bush. They play football on the road even sometimes they are known to play chicken with the oncoming cars. Then there is the big electricity transformer beside my house and this is like a magnet for the kids. They sit there thinking they are kings of the manor when in fact they could easily get electrocuted and my god wouldn't that be crap can imagine what their parents would say then. Anyway every time I walk by I always tell them to get off the box as I wouldn't like that on my conscious. 

Back to my house, it's been so good to me for the past 23 years keeping me safe and warm. It gave me a place that I reared my children all 4 of them. It gave me many memories some good and some not too good. There were holes made in the walls you could call it a new form of anger management therapy. Then there were the times when one felt excitement waiting for Santa to come. Lots of memories and lots of lessons learned, actually I reckon I qualified with honours, don't be jealous now. 

Now the time has finally come to let my house go, my home and my sanctuary. It's time to move on, go forward it's time to take the next step in this book of mine. I have cleaned, scrubbed and gently rubbed the walls that were hurt. I have light candles and burned sage. I even sprinkled holy water just to be sure and now I know in my heart that I have filled this beautiful semi D South Dublin home with pure unconditional love for the next family. It's time you see for someone else to live here and grow here. It's time the house was filled with more memories and time for love. 

So standing looking through my spotless crystal clear window I see clearly for the first time of how grateful I am that I have lived here and how well my house has looked after me and my children over the years. I will always think good of you when I look back on this chapter of my life. You gave me so much and now I know it's time to say thank you. 

So now my home is within my heart and my heart is within me and I will carry it wherever I may go.

By Noeleen Watson 2017 

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