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When we See, we LEARN !

Where do I start with this one? It was a week like none other, I know I made huge leaps in my life and what I am meant to be doing.

The first thing I learned was to be me completely and utterly me. I can't pretend to be someone else to try and fit into someone else version of me. I am me and me is perfectly good for me. I have spent so much time fitting into everyone else's version of how I should be. Well, I'm here now, and that's perfectly good with me. What you think of me is none of my business. It's vitally important to me what I think of me.

The second thing I learned this week is confidence and taking a chance. I was at an International Women's Day breakfast I was so lucky I won a ticket to it. I went by myself full of excitement and had butterflies in my tummy with nerves. The place was full of well-dressed women all leading strong careers. The theme of the morning was confidence and of course that hit a cord with me. I heard how the only thing stopping women was a lack of confidence. The host of the event Norah Casey went around the tables, and different women spoke on how conscience has affecting their lives and their careers and all the time a voice deep within me kept pushing me to speak.

Who am I to speak?

Would I be allowed?

Had I anything of interest to talk about?

All these questions flooded my mind was that fear maybe I thought to myself. It didn't stop me I asked for an opportunity to ask Norah could and I say something, and it happened. I had the Mic and the attention of the entire room. I shared how I had been rebuilding my life and shared different stories. Then I asked would it be ok to read a poem I wrote for Women's Day and there I was reading my poem and the power and strength I felt inside was amazing. I had conquered a real-life fear and felt confidence in whom I was. Norah gave me a beautiful hug asked the women there to look me up on social media and put me out there.

My last lesson I learned this week was on minding my own business. I know this was such important lesson to learn. Sometimes I can be brought into someone's else business and I'm so far in there that I have lost my way and have made their business my business. Another part of this lesson was becoming aware of what's my business and what's God's business. I could have all the plans in the world where I am meant to go next and what to do next and who to call and I could even project into the future then I know I have lost the plot altogether so what did I do to bring me back to me. Firstly, I checked in where I am with myself. "Did I do what I was lead to do or did I try and force something to happen?"

I would go and connect with nature and bring myself back to me and my connection. Quiet my mind and remind myself who is running the show, and I know it's not Noeleen, it's something bigger than me and make peace with that. Step back and hand it over whatever that is.

I remember being at a conference and hearing a well-educated Professor stand up and tell everyone that when he wakes up in the morning he says:

"What will I learn today?"

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